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Looking to Lease

If your looking to lease another car or even your first ever lease car then give our friends at TATE LEASING a call on 01943 854871 ask for Dave Bray.

Dave has many years experience in leasing and is a personal friend to us and so we can highly recommend him to source your next vehicle. He ALWAYS strives to get you the best deal possible as quickly as possible.

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Leasing Benefits

The biggest benefit of leasing a car rather than buying is that you can usually get more car for your money by leasing. A lease involves paying the depreciation on the car rather than the entire purchase price.

For example, if you lease a £20,000 car for 3 years and its projected value at the end of those 3 years is £12,000, then you only make lease payments on the £8,000 difference. If you had bought the car, you’d be making payments on the entire £20,000.

Lease Vehicle Repairs

Please remember that leased vehicles don’t include servicing, maintenance and repair costs so before you return the vehicle please consider using our full range of services to ensure you are not charged a premium rate.

You can contact us online or give us a call on 0161 504 2388.